Bombay Bicycle Club – “A Different Kind Of Fix”

Smothered with love and fawned over by both Channel 4 and the NME, and duly hailed as north London and then Britain’s next Big Thing, Bombay Bicycle Club have, surprisingly, turned out to be the real deal. After their debut album I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose in 09, and the follow-up Flaws a year later, A Different Kind Of Fix is their third album in as many years, and is a happy fusion of the two that came before.

The more upbeat elements of the former can be found in tracks like Take The Right One, Beggars and Leave It which have a grandiose, monumental sweep as if Arcade Fire had been covered by New Order in their early 90s guise.

Whilst Fracture and especially the ethereal, heady Still recall their second quieter album, as once again Nick Drake is channelled, only this time around his sound is fused and melded into an early 70s psychedelic soundscape. If their first two albums passed you by, jump on board.



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