Alice Roberts’ Lovely Programme on Childbirth Slightly Spoilt by bits of Science.

Alice Roberts, scientist, and mother!

Alice Roberts, scientist, and mother!

There was a lovely little programme there on BBC2 the other day, presented by Alice Roberts. Who, by the way, is not just a mother, she’s a scientist too. A doctor if you don’t mind!

She’d previously produced programmes on human evolution and the Human Journey, so she probably felt pressurized to keep throwing little snippets of science in to what was otherwise a delightful meditation on motherhood.

What a joy to be able to watch and listen as the nurse talked her through her scan. There are the little feet! And are they the hands?!

How beautiful is that?

How beautiful is that?

Unfortunately though, just as we were settling down to hear (and see!), in minute detail, just what was going on there in her tummy, we were whisked off into the jungle to hear a bunch of men (surprise surprise) droning on and on about chimpanzees.

Instead of all that guff on chimps, what they should have done instead is show us a few shots of women actually giving birth. So we could see the miracle in action for ourselves.

We were privy to a few of the joyous shrieks as they echoed tantalizingly down the corridor in a maternity ward. What a tease! And then it was off again for more bits of quite unnecessary science.

Hardly the sort of thing you’d expect from a strand like the otherwise reliable Horizon. Must try harder.

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