Alice Roberts’ Lovely Programme on Childbirth Slightly Spoilt by bits of Science.

Alice Roberts, scientist, and mother!

Alice Roberts, sci­en­tist, and mother!

There was a love­ly lit­tle pro­gramme there on BBC2 the oth­er day, pre­sent­ed by Alice Roberts. Who, by the way, is not just a moth­er, she’s a sci­en­tist too. A doc­tor if you don’t mind!

She’d pre­vi­ous­ly pro­duced pro­grammes on human evo­lu­tion and the Human Jour­ney, so she prob­a­bly felt pres­sur­ized to keep throw­ing lit­tle snip­pets of sci­ence in to what was oth­er­wise a delight­ful med­i­ta­tion on motherhood.

What a joy to be able to watch and lis­ten as the nurse talked her through her scan. There are the lit­tle feet! And are they the hands?!

How beautiful is that?

How beau­ti­ful is that?

Unfor­tu­nate­ly though, just as we were set­tling down to hear (and see!), in minute detail, just what was going on there in her tum­my, we were whisked off into the jun­gle to hear a bunch of men (sur­prise sur­prise) dron­ing on and on about chimpanzees.

Instead of all that guff on chimps, what they should have done instead is show us a few shots of women actu­al­ly giv­ing birth. So we could see the mir­a­cle in action for ourselves.

We were privy to a few of the joy­ous shrieks as they echoed tan­ta­liz­ing­ly down the cor­ri­dor in a mater­ni­ty ward. What a tease! And then it was off again for more bits of quite unnec­es­sary science.

Hard­ly the sort of thing you’d expect from a strand like the oth­er­wise reli­able Hori­zon. Must try harder.

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