The Antlers new album “Familiars” Simmers.

The Antler's "Familiars".

The Antler’s “Familiars”.

After releasing a couple of albums on his own as The Anlters, Peter Silberman was joined by multi instrumentalist Darby Cicci and Michael Lerner on drums, and Familiars is the third album from them as a threesome.

The band have frequently been joined by fellow Brooklyn resident Sharon Van Etten on backing vocals (whose latest album is reviewed earlier here), and as you’d expect from their postal address, we’re very much in the beating heart of hipsterland here.

What makes the music of The Antlers so engaging is their very distinct tone. They craft songs of emotional honesty, naivety almost, and posit them in an expansive if minutely cultivated musical landscape. These are then given body with a succession of unapologetically gorgeous melodies that are draped in Silberman’s sweeping, elegiac vocals.

Some time backing vocalist Sharon Van Etten.

Some time backing vocalist Sharon Van Etten.

Though the results are in many ways very different, it somehow calls to mind Nixon, Lambchop’s seminal album from 2000. Kurt Wagner and his band though were more clearly defined as coming under the alt country rubric. The Antlers will only ever be listed under Indie. They just manage to be incredibly melodic without ever being saccharine. But best of all, they are unashamedly earnest.

There is little in the way of irony or distance here. All of the sophistication is invested in the music. So there’s an emotional heft to the songs that the sweeping melodies only serve to heighten. The boys from Pitchfork gave it an impressed 7.8 here

And you can see the video for their single Palace here.

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