About me.

After teaching screenwriting at the National Film School in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, for eight years, I worked as a scriptwriter on RTE’s wonderful Fair City for 12. And as a script and story writer and editor on dozens of features in Ireland and Britain.

Few of the films, tragically, made it on to the silver screen. Most of the television, much more tragically, did.

But I left the glamorous and wonderfully rewarding world of Irish television in 2009 to become a copywriter in the big, bold and beautiful world of advertising. And to work on a couple of features, and to finally finish writing my book.

Modestly titled A Brief History of Man: when and why we created God, and how belief transforms our evolution, you can read all about it above inabout the book.

And during all of which, I’ve continued to work as a freelance film critic for the likes of the Irish Times, the Sunday Business Post, In Dublin, Fortnight Magazine, Oceanfree.net, Rattlebag, RTE’s The Arts Show etc. And currently, on this fabulous blog.

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