How Hilarious Was that Pat Shortt Tweet? And What Would We Do Without Twitter?!

donkeyWas that Pat Shortt tweet the fun­ni­est thing ever? For those of you who missed it, he tweet­ed a shot of a very glum Bri­an Cody above, and one of a very jovial Pat Shortt beneath. And under­neath he wrote with supreme and all too unflinch­ing irony:

Top is sad Kilken­ny man. Below is hap­py Tip­per­ary man.

Price­less! Even that omis­sion of the indef­i­nite arti­cle, bril­liant.  Some of you I imag­ine mightn’t be com­plete­ly up to speed with the trib­al dynam­ics  of Gael­ic games. So, very briefly, here’s what was actu­al­ly going there.

You see Cody is the man­ag­er of the Kilken­ny hurl­ing team. And they were only after los­ing their qual­i­fy­ing match with Cork. So they were out. And unsur­pris­ing­ly, Cody was not a hap­py man. But what was Shortt so pleased about, I hear you ask? After all, he’s from Tipperary?

That hilarious Pat Shortt tweet.

That hilar­i­ous Pat Shortt tweet.

But here’s the catch! Even though Tipp weren’t even play­ing in the match in ques­tion, Shortt was sim­ply delight­ed as a Tip­per­ary man to see Kilken­ny get beat! That’s because there’s huge rival­ry between Tipp and Kilken­ny. Huge. And just the sight of them get­ting beat, regard­less of who they’re play­ing, is liable to put a smile on a Tip­per­ary man’s face.

And they were only after los­ing! In the All Ire­land! Class!

That’s what was so hilar­i­ous about that tweet. And talk­ing of which, where would we be with­out Twit­ter! How else would the likes of Pat Shortt get to share those kind of bril­liant one lin­ers? In the old days the only place you’d get to hear stuff like that would be from one of those delight­ful taxi dri­vers. Or at best, a friend­ly bar man (un-coin­ci­den­tal­ly, Shortt has a pub near Mid­dle­ton), ever keen to impart their end­less wit and bot­tom­less wis­dom. But now you get to read that kind of stuff all day!

What a world we live in. Class.

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