About this blog.

The write stuff : All the Very Best and Worst in Film, Tele­vi­sion and Music.

All any of us ever want is some­thing qui­et­ly excit­ing from the films, tele­vi­sion, books and albums that we go in search of. We’d like to be moved. But not every­one has the time to minute­ly inspect the many things that appear on our hori­zon. Some of you have lives.

I on the oth­er hand lead a Pla­ton­ic exis­tence. That is to say, I live in near per­pet­u­al dark­ness in the depths of a cave. But I do have broad­band. So once a month, I shall be gen­tly steer­ing you all in the gen­er­al direc­tion of some­thing new.

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